New Exhibition Coming Soon!

Sorry for not posting much recently. I’ve been busy setting up my online store (which you can find here) and working on various commissions.

Some big news though, I’ll be exhibiting a variety of works at the Jubilee centre in Birmingham, UK as of 26th May – 3rd June this month as part of the BCU HND End of years exhibition. I shall post more details and photos as we get closer to the date. If you are able to come down then please do and say hello!


RIP Carrie Fisher

Hope. Digital Painting in honour of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.



Don’t Go Getting Any Bright Ideas

Half hour doodle working with collage and markers. This is me trying to be weird.


Robert Vaughn RIP

UK British Actor Robert Vaughn was the best thing about Hustle. RIP to him. This is a drawing of him as Alfred from said show. Experimenting more with hand drawing mixed with digital media in Photoshop.


Killer Croc

Just making sure my copics don’t dry out anytime soon.

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Life Studies

While working daily behind the bar they’re faces you come to recognise and people you get to know. This pencil study is one of these regular customers drawn on one of his daily visits to our work place.


New Experiment

Trying a combination of digital and traditional illustration blended together. Stay tuned for news on a new project starting later this month.

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Father & Son

New Photo, Taken on Nikon D40

Father and Son show.jpg

Sunny Day

Not very often we get this pretty a sun in the UK, so took the opportunity to test out a new lens. I call these ‘clouds’.