Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Second Piece, Invasion of the Dinosaurs with the Doctor, Sarah, Brigadier, Yates & Benton but no Dinosaurs.

Terror of the Autons & Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Terror of the Autons & Invasion of the Dinosaurs

The two third doctor stories (Jon Pertwee) Terror of the Autons & Invasion of the dinosaurs. Made in Photoshop CS5.

The First Step

The First Step

The first step. The quick intial sketch for the next Doctor who poster. Terror of the Autons.

Thor DVD Artwork

A montage poster made a while back for the Movie Thor. I wanted a piece that explored the cold and warmth of the story and the power in our two characters. Just a few weeks till Thor 2 😀

Thor Artwork Show

Recent Doctor Who Work

With the announcement of the new missing episodes. Thought I would post some of my recent Doctor who montages for DVD covers. Done in Photoshop CS5 including cutting out, image fixing, head swaps and colour blending. Some are recent some are from a few years back. Each piece tries to illustrate the key features of the story. Aspects are first planned such as colour, composition, contrast.


Inferno New show

A Girl in New York

A Girl in New York

Ashes to Ashes meets Doctor Who

Ashes to Ashes-Doctor Who show

The Crimson Horror

crimson horror poster show

The 9th Doctor

Eccleston Year

Nightmare in Silver

Nightmare in Silver poster show

Sick Joke

Sick Joke show

The Abominable Snowmen

The Abominable Snowmen

The Christmas Invasion

The Christmas Invasion BB Artwork SHOW

The Daleks Masterplan

The Daleks Masterplan Artwork

The Doctor & Clara

The Doctor & Clara

The Highlanders

The Highlanders show

The Name of the Doctor

The Name of the Doctor

Visual Communication Studies

Pencil, ink and copic studies for the subject Visual Communications. They are friends online and I’m very thankful for them agreeing to be part of this. ImageImageImageImage