Eye Studies

I always have trouble making eyes looking the right size when drawing them straight on, another problem I have is all spacing them far enough from the nose. So since I’m studying portraiture though it was about time I got some practice. 



Always on the Job

I was looking through some old holiday snaps and came across a photo of this man. He was in a long blue gown, very vibrant. I believe he was part of some religious order if memory serves me right.

I thought the gown could be something to focus on so I produced this sketch as part of my sketchbook work. I wanted the ink so stand out so made everything else as simple as possible, leaving just the line work. Quite happy with the result, feel has this nice sketchy comic effect and focused on what I wanted it to.

Always on the job show

Portrait Project

I’m thinking for my FMP to explore a portraiture project. I’m wondering if anyone would be kind enough to be part of it. It wouldn’t require much, just some photo’s of your face, front on and side on. I’m still in the thinking stage right now on what I could do with them.

Email me at: lukeclift@ymail.com

Eddie Friar

It’s been ages since I did a proper biro study so thought it was about time I gave it a try. This is a portrait of Edmund Friar, a good mate of mine.


Leavers Yearbook 2013

Some more old work, showing off my Graphic Design side. It’s always been a interest of mine and originally was the route I was going to go down. I’ve always wanted to focus on the drawing more though and it’s just what I enjoy doing most.

This was made over a few weeks. Having to gather the money, organize the photo shoots, create the graphics, gathering responses and sending it off to print. Was very happy with it myself and thankfully so was the rest of the year.


Positive Failure

A book designed and created by me last year. The books positive failure written by Alastair Arnott looks into our current education system and how it condemns student for failing and puts pressure on them to succeed. He writes about how failure can be a good thing and we need in order to improve ourselves and out skills. Something I certainly agree with, the whole art industry being a thing of trial and error.

The idea behind the cover was to present this a stamped ‘F’ that we associate with failing an exam or paper. It went through a couple of prototypes but we eventually decided on this. The green then connects to our association of success and being correct.

You can find the book on Amazon here – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Positive-Failure-Understand-embracing-development/dp/1903499712/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1394624854&sr=8-1&keywords=positive+failure


Mid Year Exhibition

Last week was our foundation mid year exhibition town up in Birmingham town centre. My piece was a project looking into ‘what makes us human’. It was a question that would be big headed of me and inaccurate to answer myself so I made a collection of responses. Each person wrote a word or sentence on what they thought made us human. I was thrilled with everyone’s responses. After campaigning on twitter, Facebook and talking to everyone I could by the end of the exhibition there was 131 responses! Some of them from the likes of Stephen Fry, Karen Gillan and Eric Idle.

I also designed the poster, advertising the exhibition.

Exhitbition Prototype 1 smaller



More recent drawings and watercolour paintings.

Some more of my recent work, either created through indian ink, pencil or watercolour. 


Pencil study of Anne Hathaway. Trying to improve on my accuracy to female anatomy.


Trying out sketchbook pro, study of Nicholas Colasanto as coach.


Here I transformed my friend as a crazed Harley Quinn. Done with inks and copics. She’s nearly as crazy as this in real life.





Jon Pertwee study. Rather than my usual pitt pens here I tried it with ink and a ice lol stick to create a more natural fluent style.


Raiden sketch from the metal gear solid series


Study of my Uncle’s dog – Roscoe


And finally a study of my new puppy – Archie


Fineliner studies here of my favourite sitcom ‘cheers’. This was a bit of experimentation seeing how fineliners could be watered down to work as watercolours. I think I managed to convey the personality and naturality of the bar just like James Burrows did so well.