Painting Practice – My Granddad

Painting Practice - My Granddad

Never been that successful when it comes to painting in photoshop. Had another shot at it today and came up with this. Spent about 4 hours on it. Not exactly what I wanted but it’s a significant improvement.

Last Night’s Drawing

Last Night's Drawing

Bad photo but just a portrait study from last night. Done with pencil, pitt pen, biro and ink.

Rocket Raccoon – Now in Colour

Rocket Raccoon - Now in Colour

Rocket Raccoon from Marvel’s guardians of the galaxy. Not the best colourist. The colour here is done with copics.

Rocket Racoon

Rocket Racoon

Rocket Racoon. Feels like ages since I did a Marvel drawing.

Positive Failure – New video by Alastair Arnott

Hey folks check out new video on how failure improves life.  

‘This book attempts to conceptualise failure. Such an important aspect of human development deserves to be understood fully, whatever occupation or facet of life we occupy. Alastair Arnott explores a deeper understanding of failure and a new theory to be applied in your own world. Failure is a natural and powerful psychological force. Without an understanding of it, we will see how it has managed to abuse, hinder and slow our development for thousands of years. But Arnott also explores how Positive Failure can shape and inform success, and form a foundation for ongoing personal and social improvement.’

Great guy and worth getting in touch. Follow him on twitter –

You can also buy the book here which I designed the cover for about a whole year ago now. Tomorrow I will have some more pencil drawings yet.

The Crescent

The Crescent

Drawing 2. Just 106 more to go! Pencils.

In the days when he had hair

In the days when he had hair

A pencil drawing of my dad. The photo is from 19 years ago back when he had hair.