Darcy Ramsden – Coloured Pencils Cleaner Quality

A cleaner more vibrant scan of the drawing I posted yesterday.

Darcy Coloured show

Darcy Ramsden – Coloured Pencils

Darcy Ramsden - Coloured Pencils

Coloured pencil drawing done in my tent last night. The actual drawing is more more vibrant but I quite like the subtle tones captured in the photo.

Hulk Sad

Hulk Sad

I was practising drawing the head in the lower position and it quickly turned into the hulk. Very pleased with the result. The markers used here you can buy for £1 at the works. There just like pro markers and work just as well in fact.

Dr.House Aka Hugh Laurie

Dr.House Aka Hugh Laurie

This is only my fourth Digital Painting and beginning to get the hang of it, this is part of a full body wallpaper. You may of guessed I’m currently making my way through the House series right now.