Archie Watercolour Study – Going up for sale

Archie Watercolour Study - Going up for sale

Archie back when he was a puppy. Done with watercolours and fine liner. Prints of this along with the original will be on sale at the warehouse cafe (in Birmingham city centre) from the 12th July. Along with this will be a range of animal studies also up for sale.

The End

The End

Continuing my Metal Gear Solid run, here is the legendary sniper the end. I really wanted to convey his age in this one. To me he’s the best boss battle of the series, followed closely by psycho mantis.

I’m not sure if people really like the coloured pencils but it’s a different approach for me. I’ve always been a very grayscale person so this is a learning curve.

Revolver Ocelot

Revolver Ocelot

I need more colours. If you know the guy then you’re pretty good.

My Exhibition Display

My work went on display as part of our end of year exhibition and received very positive responses, it even ended up in the local paper. As stressful as the course was I do feel a bit redundant now.

Once I get my sketchbook back I will upload clearer images of each drawing.

My next work on show will be in the warehouse cafe in Birmingham city centre on the 13th July.

Exhibit display


Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald

Having more fun with coloured pencil

Psycho Mantis?

Psycho Mantis?

Not sure how I feel about the overall result of this one. The idea was to convey the creepiness and eerie state of the character. The piece is also very reliant on the brush texture and marks that kind of becomes lost when scanning.

A little bit psycho?

 A little bit psycho?

With my coursework now over and my exhibition set up I finally have time to sit and relax…or just draw more 😀

Here’s a preview of my first piece today, can you tell who it is yet?

LaZoaa – DeviantART

Hey folks

Check out my good friend and fellow student Katie Wallbank on DeviantART. She’s just starting out and could do with some views. She’s just uploaded a awesome coloured pencil study of Clara Oswald.

Find her here –

My Exhibition is now just a week away, we’re spending this week prepping the walls and space. I’ll upload the 35 drawings on show at Birmingham Metropolitan College (Sutton Coldfield, Birminngham’ straight after. Stay Tuned.