Tabular Rasa 2016

Having just finished our HMD End of year exhibition I am now able to show you the artwork that was on show.  The digital Illustrations follow some of UK’s most popular spirits and showcases there design through vibrant, often violent paint work. I wanted each bottle to appear unique with there own personality and style.


Sneak Preview

Kursen Street WW2 proto 1

We’re Exhibiting in June at Curzon street in Birmingham so here’s a WIP of something I’m experimenting with. I’m interested by the age and history the location has…

The Art of Conversation

Art of Conversation editpsd

A shot of my exhibition installation back in March. Titled ‘The Art of Conversation’ the piece was a pub installation that focused in on the theme of comedy and comedians that I see as idols. It was also a piece of performance art with me acting as the pub landlord acting with the audience with improvised conversations. The piece went down very well with some unexpected results.

Wolf – He Solves Problems

Possibly my favourite character from pulp fiction. Done with watercolour and pencils. Starting uni soon so get ready for plenty of drawings. 

Wolf coloured show



Morning Sketch – Michael Palin

Spent about 30mins on this. Pitt pen, chalk marker and pencil on coloured paper.

The animal watercolour studies went up yesterday and very happy with how they looked, I hope to get a photo of them some point today.

Palin Show

Getting ready

Packing the work ready for the warehouse cafe that goes up today. Exciting day.


Rabbit Watercolour

Another painting going on show at the warehouse cafe. Prints are available priced at £7 plus post and packaging. Message me if interested.




Character Stand – Harley Quinn

After getting all my work back from last year I decided to start making character stands again, hopefully to sell at comic con. Now there even bigger. Here’s Harley Quinn. You can buy a Harley stand (without the green backdrop) for £7, message me if interested.

Done with 30gsm card, foamboard, pitt pens and copics.

More animal paintings

More watercolour studies of animals that go on show at the warehouse cafe on the 13th July in Birmingham.

Follow them on twitter and Facebook:

Warehouse cafe – Facebook

Cow and Squirrel



Archie Watercolour Study – Going up for sale

Archie Watercolour Study - Going up for sale

Archie back when he was a puppy. Done with watercolours and fine liner. Prints of this along with the original will be on sale at the warehouse cafe (in Birmingham city centre) from the 12th July. Along with this will be a range of animal studies also up for sale.