RIP Carrie Fisher

Hope. Digital Painting in honour of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.



New Experiment

Trying a combination of digital and traditional illustration blended together. Stay tuned for news on a new project starting later this month.

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Tabular Rasa 2016

Having just finished our HMD End of year exhibition I am now able to show you the artwork that was on show. ┬áThe digital Illustrations follow some of UK’s most popular spirits and showcases there design through vibrant, often violent paint work. I wanted each bottle to appear unique with there own personality and style.


Dr.House Aka Hugh Laurie

Dr.House Aka Hugh Laurie

This is only my fourth Digital Painting and beginning to get the hang of it, this is part of a full body wallpaper. You may of guessed I’m currently making my way through the House series right now.

Painting Practice – My Granddad

Painting Practice - My Granddad

Never been that successful when it comes to painting in photoshop. Had another shot at it today and came up with this. Spent about 4 hours on it. Not exactly what I wanted but it’s a significant improvement.