Don’t Go Getting Any Bright Ideas

Half hour doodle working with collage and markers. This is me trying to be weird.


Robert Vaughn RIP

UK British Actor Robert Vaughn was the best thing about Hustle. RIP to him. This is a drawing of him as Alfred from said show. Experimenting more with hand drawing mixed with digital media in Photoshop.


Killer Croc

Just making sure my copics don’t dry out anytime soon.

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Life Studies

While working daily behind the bar they’re faces you come to recognise and people you get to know. This pencil study is one of these regular customers drawn on one of his daily visits to our work place.


New Experiment

Trying a combination of digital and traditional illustration blended together. Stay tuned for news on a new project starting later this month.

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Tabular Rasa 2016

Having just finished our HMD End of year exhibition I am now able to show you the artwork that was on show. ┬áThe digital Illustrations follow some of UK’s most popular spirits and showcases there design through vibrant, often violent paint work. I wanted each bottle to appear unique with there own personality and style.


Morning Sketch – Michael Palin

Spent about 30mins on this. Pitt pen, chalk marker and pencil on coloured paper.

The animal watercolour studies went up yesterday and very happy with how they looked, I hope to get a photo of them some point today.

Palin Show

The End

The End

Continuing my Metal Gear Solid run, here is the legendary sniper the end. I really wanted to convey his age in this one. To me he’s the best boss battle of the series, followed closely by psycho mantis.

I’m not sure if people really like the coloured pencils but it’s a different approach for me. I’ve always been a very grayscale person so this is a learning curve.

Revolver Ocelot

Revolver Ocelot

I need more colours. If you know the guy then you’re pretty good.