Life Studies

While working daily behind the bar they’re faces you come to recognise and people you get to know. This pencil study is one of these regular customers drawn on one of his daily visits to our work place.


New Experiment

Trying a combination of digital and traditional illustration blended together. Stay tuned for news on a new project starting later this month.

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The End

The End

Continuing my Metal Gear Solid run, here is the legendary sniper the end. I really wanted to convey his age in this one. To me he’s the best boss battle of the series, followed closely by psycho mantis.

I’m not sure if people really like the coloured pencils but it’s a different approach for me. I’ve always been a very grayscale person so this is a learning curve.

Psycho Mantis?

Psycho Mantis?

Not sure how I feel about the overall result of this one. The idea was to convey the creepiness and eerie state of the character. The piece is also very reliant on the brush texture and marks that kind of becomes lost when scanning.

A little bit psycho?

 A little bit psycho?

With my coursework now over and my exhibition set up I finally have time to sit and relax…or just draw more 😀

Here’s a preview of my first piece today, can you tell who it is yet?

Darcy Ramsden – Coloured Pencils Cleaner Quality

A cleaner more vibrant scan of the drawing I posted yesterday.

Darcy Coloured show

The Crescent

The Crescent

Drawing 2. Just 106 more to go! Pencils.

Eye Studies

I always have trouble making eyes looking the right size when drawing them straight on, another problem I have is all spacing them far enough from the nose. So since I’m studying portraiture though it was about time I got some practice. 



Visual Communication Studies

Pencil, ink and copic studies for the subject Visual Communications. They are friends online and I’m very thankful for them agreeing to be part of this. ImageImageImageImage