Robert Vaughn RIP

UK British Actor Robert Vaughn was the best thing about Hustle. RIP to him. This is a drawing of him as Alfred from said show. Experimenting more with hand drawing mixed with digital media in Photoshop.


Life Studies

While working daily behind the bar they’re faces you come to recognise and people you get to know. This pencil study is one of these regular customers drawn on one of his daily visits to our work place.


New Experiment

Trying a combination of digital and traditional illustration blended together. Stay tuned for news on a new project starting later this month.

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Darcy Ramsden – Coloured Pencils

Darcy Ramsden - Coloured Pencils

Coloured pencil drawing done in my tent last night. The actual drawing is more more vibrant but I quite like the subtle tones captured in the photo.

The Crescent

The Crescent

Drawing 2. Just 106 more to go! Pencils.

Portrait Project

I’m thinking for my FMP to explore a portraiture project. I’m wondering if anyone would be kind enough to be part of it. It wouldn’t require much, just some photo’s of your face, front on and side on. I’m still in the thinking stage right now on what I could do with them.

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